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TKTX Numbing Cream

For Tattoos, Piercings, Semi-Permanent Makeup, Laser Removal, Microblading, Aesthetics, Injections and Hair Removal. 

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Meet The Cream...

What's It For?

TKTX can be used to numb the skin before medical needle procedures, tattoo application or removal, and certain cosmetic procedures involving needles or lasers.

Easy To Use

With simple instructions our cream is very effective and easy to use. It is supplied in a user-friendly tube that allows you to simply squeeze out a suitable amount of cream onto the area of skin to be worked on.

Fast Acting

Feel the results in no time! The creams usually tend to take around 20 minutes to take effect.

Authenticity Guaranteed

All our products are from the authentic TKTX Factory.

TKTX numbing cream originated in 1996 and has a brand history in China for 24 years. Even today, it is still the favorite product for tattoo artists, beauticians and others worldwide.


What Is TKTX?

It is the best numbing cream and prescription-free cream that helps to numb the skin before tattoos, cosmetic, laser, medical and needle-related procedures.

How long before it takes effect?

The creams usually tend to take around 20 minutes to take effect. Please read the label as each cream has different activation times.

How long does the numbing effect last?

It can variate from person to person as everyone reacts differently but as a guide, it can generally last between 3-5 hours.

What colour is the cream?

Most of our TKTX cream is manufactured with no colour which makes it white, however we do also manufacture pink cream, the colour of the cream makes no difference to the strength of the product.